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book cases in the university - where is the key?



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I don't believe there is any key for the bookshelves. I know that the librarian's "bring me this book" quest/tasks are never-ending, and are just auto-generated tasks that end in no large reward after you've done all of them (which is impossible). Just adding this information since some people think completing those tasks are how you get the key.I believe this is a trick in which Bethesda can make the library appear to be larger than it really is without actually having to add thousands of books, which could result in issues in and of itself.Players using the PC can use console commands to unlock the shelves, and have reported that there are no unique books. They're all just the normal generic texts that you would find elsewhere. Apparently few (if any) of them are valued over 25 gold, so it's not really a loss.If you want to leave additional comments or details you can add more replies to your question topic by using the "Post New Reply" text-input near the bottom of the page. :)If this has helped, you may enjoy creating an account here to take advantage of the other benefits as well, including having an easier time posting more questions and answering those by others.

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