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Horned spiky green and black thing in blackreach?

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I was in blackreach just now and found a black with moss or something green.... thing. A hollow.. pod? I hit it and it broke open, and pieces flew everywhere. It was empty It is along the waters edge, a little bit underwater, and next to a bridge, ill include a locational reference photo of the bridge and background shrooms if anyone else wants a look see.

What in Bethesda's name is it? I cant find any reference to anything like it anywhere in the web and my boyfriend who is super mr skyrim has absolutely no idea.

*I have hearthfire and dawnguard installed, and it is on xbox 360. Please help, im so confused.

**Please excuse bad photos, my tv and camera dont work great together so everything turns neon blue.

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If it's empty, doesn't grant you anything, and you can't find any reference to it on the web, then chances are it really isn't that important. 

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