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Suddenly own Honeyside?

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*spoilers* So I know that the main bug with Riften is not being able to become thane and/or buy honeyside, but I just returned the skeleton key to Nocturnal, and now I suddenly own Honeyside and have a housecarl! I never helped Wujeeta (I didn't have the option) or anyone else, and I never bought the house and yet now I own it. It's not the end of the world but it's a bit annoying because in my first save I loved becoming thane of Riften and helping that poor Argonian with her problem, but now I didn't get the chance. I did not complete the TG quest in my previous game- so maybe you automatically become Thane when you return the skeleton key? Any knowledge is greatly appreciated! :)


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I can't say why it's happened to you but I can say that I've helped the blacksmith and nobody else in Riften, returned the skeleton key a while back and I've just popped into Riften to check...Honeyside is locked and requires a key.


Whatever's caused this weird glitch it doesn't look like it's connected to returning the key.

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