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Lakeview manor/Hearthfire issues

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So I've stumbled onto a problem- I've lost one of the special masks.
So it all started when I bought Hearthfire separately from the whole legendary pack, on the PS store. I built Lakeview manor and placed the Morokei mask on one of the mannequins.
After a while I ended up buying the legendary pack (it was on special) and installed the downloadable content. But when I finally got back into my game, Lakeview was gone along with all of my items in it. Ughhh I really need that mask to make the wooden mask and do all of that stuff, but how? Is there a replacement mask or some way I can make it without it?


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If you're playing on the playstation I think you're out of luck.


All of the masks are unique items in the game and there's no way to get them back without the console (pc only).


The only way I can see it is to reload an earlier save. I'm no playstation expert but you should still have the DLC.


Sorry I can't offer anything more positive.

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