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Op Characters tell their story here

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Ok guys I want to here some of your Op character stories. My most overpowered character (I still play on him) is a level 40 nord who has Full Daedric Armor as of today (spammed gold diamond necklaces raised smithing pretty fast) and a daedric sword (all daedric I have is legendary and enchanted) and conjure dremora lord in one hand (with all conjuration perks) and my follower has full legendary daedric armor and shield a legendary daedric sword and daedric bow (my follower is farkas) and I can take out elder dragons (expert difficulty) with me and my small army in a matter of 2 minutes thanks to dragonrend now all i need to be the strongest dragon born ever is stronger enchantments. So anyway what are you guys Op characters?


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Bear Goldblade

Bear Goldblade

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Bear Gold-Blade: Nord
Grew up in Riften. When the city fell to hardship and plague, one of the diseases bwas Sanguine Vampiris. Bear contracted this disease when he was 22 years of age. All the other victims of the disease couldn't satisfy their hunger and died. Bear survived by feeding on the only people who weren't infected; which were the guards. He would sneak into the guard barracks at night and choose his victom. He then joined a group of feral vampires/theives. The leader of this group grew fond of Bear and when he was killed in a raid on Shors Stone Bear took over the group. One night after a raid on winterhold he was followed back to his lair in the ratway under Riften buby a solitude guard who was waiting out a blizzard on his way back to Solitude. The guard wiped out Bear's whole clan while they were slumbering. When he got to bears coffin he opened it and it was empty. As he turned around Bear drew his blade and decapitated the guard then took his armor and fed his corpse to the death hounds. He then purchased a home in Riften & named it honeyside.

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