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ESO Drops $15 Subscription

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And I still have an unused month left.


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Holy crap. You bought the game and never used it? What a waste.


On lesser note, I guess absolutely everyone saw this coming by now though. Wonder what they're saying on the official forums. Lemme check...





"I feel ripped off. It's like I have paid to take part in a *** year-long beta test."
I subbed for two months. Still incredibly accurate.


"We got *** robbed."

"They milked the Cows!"

You poor sap. Moo.


Wow. Not looking good. They've finally alienated the last of their supporters. I'm actually worried about the future for Elder Scrolls VI.



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I've read a ton of posts from people on Reddit who like the change and are planning on trying the game now. If nothing else, there should be an influx of new players. I know that I, personally, probably wouldn't have played it after my first included month. It's just not worth $60 + $15 x infinity. Some old people should come back, and a bunch of new people will hopefully start.


I think I paid $40 for my copy around release. Since the game is still going to be B2P, I don't feel that ripped off. Assuming I play it (eventually), I'll probably be out ~$15-20 just for the difference in the base cost. Not that bad. Of course, I've been planning on starting it for a year now... Being an adult sucks, I guess. 


ESO will have no impact on TES:VI even if it totally flames out now. The sad truth is that Zenimax is just a mid-tier developer. At best. ESO was doomed to this fate from the beginning.



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Hmm. Fair point.



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