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The Daggerfall Knights Oceanic Guild Recruiting


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Greetings fellow Daggerfall Covenants!

I would like to take this chance to offer you a fesh mug of Ale and sit with ye to welcome you into our auspicious Knighthood! Our Knighthood is a tolerant, social and friendly Guild where we strive and struggle to place the true emperor onto the Ruby Throne!

We are based in Australia and are a Daggerfall Covenant Oceanic Guild that has been around since before game launch.

We are a mature guild that enjoys all aspects of the game, we recruit all sorts of characters, traders, craftsmen, trackers, healers and spies with the main objective being PVP, PVE, Raids, end game content, crafting etc etc

Guild Objectives

To provide a productive experience where friendships are made.
Weekly events, for both new and experienced members.
Involve all guild members regardless of skill to the best of our ability with what aspects they desire and to aid in progression in game and within the guild.
Have a close Knit community where all members can be involved not just a number


Mature Attitude towards all aspects of the game and other members
Willingness to follow instruction from guild officers within Raid and Battleground Environment
Willingness to be shown how to improve your game and or character
Partake in guild events.

Check out the website at this address:


Welcome to the Daggerfall Knighthood!


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