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history of the "Blackguard"

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Bear Goldblade

Bear Goldblade

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Does anyone know the history of the "Blackguard" I just recently got the blackguard armor ster from glover Mallory in raven rock & I have been trying to find out what the black guards were any links to websites explaining the history would be awesome.



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According to the wiki, the Blackguard's Armor is what the Gray Fox is wearing on the Bust of the Gray Fox...




... Which most people probably know as "that loading screen statue." The statue is located in Mercer Frey's home -- Riftweald Manor -- in Riften. 


I'm not sure what exactly the "Blackguard" were, or if they were even an actual group; the name may just be referring to the Gray Fox (who is interesting enough alone). There's also the possibility that the name is just another meaningless derivative of the infamous color--medieval-noun naming scheme that's so prevalent in fantasy games.

Kris Dahl

Kris Dahl
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Whoever the Blackguard were, not only was the Gray Fox a member, but so was Glover Mallory

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