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Why Are All Housecarls Missing Execpt Lydia?

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Ok . I am Thane of Falkreath and WhiteRun and working on Solitude. I First Noticed when i became Thane of Falkreath that Rayya was nowhere to be found :sad: . and i checked the lake and the cliffs around Lakeview Manor i checked the house and around it. i went back to the Jarl and talked to him and everything i still no Rayya :sad: . i checked His Entire Town :sad: . so i was going to forget about it but when i was in Solitude i was working on being thane. but i notcied that the housecarl isnt there either. the Sword Maiden Woman. She Gone to. so im very lost and very confused. and i need help.


My Question's :


1. What happened to them and where are they, i havent seen them before or after becoming thane. so does anyone know whats going on?


2. Does making a housecarl a steward remove the other housecarls? 


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1. There's a bug with Rayya where she doesn't return home when dismissed. I don't know what could have happened if you never met her, maybe someone else will know.


2. It shouldn't. Were they all accounted for before installing Hearthfire?



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If you are of the pure-blood PC gaming master race, you can remedy your problem with an easy solution: the console!


Just hit the tilde key (`/~) and type in moveto <actor ID>, where the actor ID refers to their RefID. The RefID for Rayya is xx005216. The two xx's are actually numbers, but given as xx's because a person's load order of Skyrim expansions may be different. For vanilla Skyrim you replace the xx's with two zeroes, where Dawnguard could be 02, and Dragonborn 03. Jordis the Sword-Maiden's RefID is 000A2C95.


If you don't play on the PC, kill someone and get thrown in prison. Maybe the missing people could spawn outside the jail you're in. :thumbsup:

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