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Lord Harkon appearance in ESO

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Vladimir Cristo

Vladimir Cristo

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From the story of Castle Volkihar and the lore behind Harkons family he was around 4000 years old or more when you kill him in SKYRIM: Dawnguard DLC. So he should be around 3000 years old in ESO. I really hope he is in the game.  If he is not at launch somewhere in Skyrim I imagine he will be in a later patch for sure. It just seems weird for him not to be. Anyone who has opinions and ideas are welcome to post them of course.


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Hey, you're right. I hadn't thought of that. Was too preoccupied with the fact that Serana couldn't be in the game, because she was trapped in the first era. Yeah, I hope it happens.



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I'm really hoping so! 3000 yrs old! :D


Hopefully it WILL be at launch


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I think he very well could be and it would be awesome if he was as long as they keep to the lore. At this point in time, Serana would be locked up since her mother hid her away in the first era and then Valerica herself fled to the Soul Cairn so this is literally at least 2000 years after she was placed in Dimcrypt Hollow. We definitely won't be seeing Valerica or Serana but Harkon along with castle Volkihar should still be present. Also it would be interesting to here references to his frustrations about the elder scroll missing and just seeing him plotting the events that took place in Skyrim. It would also be cool if a vampire quest requires you to protect towns and citizens from Vampires that come to kidnap them at random times (referencing to the prisoners in Volkihar in Skyrim) and we get to see how his treachery began 1000 years prior to the Dragonborn's return. It would also be kinda cool to mock him since you as the player, knows that he ends up getting killed by you in 1000 years lol

PJ Truearrow

PJ Truearrow
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Just a thought- but as the events of ESO are not documented in later editions (possibly becuase of a 'Dragon Event' or alternate reality), it could be possibly for a storyline to be made to feature Harkon, Serana and Valerica, making the events happen earlier, or in a different way. 


The Snow-Elves managed to survive into the first few centuries of the 1st Era, so it could be possible that the storyline could involve protecting small pockets of them from Harkon trying to find the bow, and/or helping Harkon destroy these Snow elf colonies. 


Whatever happens im cool with it as the games great!

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