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Do you even lift?

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I think we Irish drink moar Tynisa. ;)


Is green tea really that good? I have a pretty terrible diet, because I don't gain any weight/size from shitty food (genetic, all of my family are like me), I'm like a stick but without a doubt the biggest eater out of my friends. This leads to not the best fitness when you consider that I do quite a lot of training.


Anyway, this 80-120 second time under pressure method seems pretty solid, really feeling a lot more of a "burn" than just doing a shit-load in sets as fast as possible, lol. :P


I'm 1/4 Irish and 1/4 English, so I'll be the mediator: I only drink Japanese green tea because it has less lead in it. Bahaha!!




Yeah man, if you need to lose fat then green tea is where it's at. Revs your metabolism like mad, if I drink more than one tea-bag I'm always sweating within 15 minutes of drinking it, haha.


I totally feel you bro; I love to eat junk and I eat a lot. I mean, I hate that I do it but I love it while I'm doing it, haha! The very best thing you can do for overall health is fasting, I've fasted a bunch of times for longer than 7 days and I've found that the most benefit is around day 3 of water-only. But, this is hard for a lot of people if they're not conditioned to burn their own fats for fuel (plus if you're bulking it's not a good idea because you'll be amino-starved and lose lean mass on top of fat.) The reason fasting's so beneficial for people like us, who eat shitty, is because after about 18 hours of no food our bodies go into a catabolic state that you clean yourself up during. During this time your body is scrounging around looking for things within itself to consume for fuel, you end up locating toxins that are isolated (on top of a thousand other benefits.)


If you're not really able to go 3 days, every month or so, without eating then there is another way that I've come to really love while I'm not bulking: Intermittent Fasting. Eating all my daily food within about 4 hours and then not eating for 18-20 hours during the rest of the day.


During IF I feel like I end up getting about the same cleanliness feeling within about a week as I do from fasting completely for 3 days. You don't get all the benefits, like entering a really heavy ketone state, but you can at least clean the toxins from your body this way. If you eat beef during your eat period you won't get as hungry, because there's about a 20 hour absorption time on beef protein-- if you're trying to bulk then make sure you get enough beef proteins so you don't amino starve (a protein shake that's beef-based is a good option if you're into shakes, but do water the rest of the time.)


If you do go the full-fasting route and take a 3+ day, then I'd highly recommend breaking the fast with a big ass salad. The insoluble fiber will push all the toxins out that have been moving into your colon. It's pretty crazy, if you wait like 5-9 days you'll end up getting these pure black shits of toxic goop, you'll feel sick right before you poop it out and then it's like, "Woah..I feel fucking awesome all of a sudden." and that's the moment that you fast for, which you can speed up by eating the salad to push it out. Even if you don't eat a salad-- Do not eat any nuts, bananas, oranges, or anything too sugary either when you get off the fast: You want to avoid the soluble fiber because that will put the gel like fiber all over your intestines and lock in/reabsorb the toxins you want to get out. And nothing sugary because your ketones will be at a good level so if you give yourself a rush of glucose your body kinda feels like it's been hit with a truck afterwards.


I doubt any of you want to start fasting, but if you do then let me know how it goes! It has all the benefits of being a vegetarian (catabolic state) without everyone thinking you're a douchebag, HAHA! Gah, I was a vegetarian for quite a while.. I never hark on something if I don't try it.. biggest mistake ever.. I felt great for the first month or two and then I realized my sex drive was basically non existent.. plus I just wasn't gaining muscle or losing fat, I was doing it right and eating the right proteins and such... I really did enjoy the clean feeling, but through fasting or IF I get that feeling (and a lot more of that feeling) while also reaping the benefits that you can get from other diets.


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I wrote another long post with lifting advice, but then I hit ctrl+V instead of ctrl+C before I posted it (I always copy before posting in case it fucks up..)


Bummer.. oh well! >.<

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