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The Lack of Any New ESO Information

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The lack of any regular (or even occasional) official videos, game-play, or other information is obviously really frustrating.


The question I'm asking is... Why? WHY ZENIMAX?




Following the ESO announcement ages ago the hype machine was really going strong. It's been slowly running on fumes ever since, and I can't believe that a company is willfully doing this while also being so against any sort of leaked content - even when said content is received well - that seconds of footage uploaded to YouTube is taken down in... Well, seconds.


It's slightly worrying to me that they've taken this beta video ordeal so seriously. I understand the whole concept of people viewing an unfinished product possibly hurting sales... But this complete lock-down on everything isn't? People might not even care about ESO by mid-2014. The only thing Zenimax releases to hold people over are those 20 second NPC-creature videos every 2+ months or so, and they're terrible.


It just seems like the developer is really insecure about the product they have on the table at this point, and that slightly concerns me.


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I think they are confident about the game, allowing numerous people to experience it at their showings. The showings are expensive (i.e. plane tickets, lodging, renting vehicles, etc.) so they can keep a limited number of people to experience it.


To me, I think they are just keeping information getting out so they can suprise/blow us away in the future. At least, that's what I'm hoping.


I have utter confidence in the developers, but I too, am dissapointed about the lack of stuff out.



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It's an Elder Scrolls tradition. Hell, they've actually been really open with us for an Elder Scrolls game. I'm not sure if it's because it's a different studio, or because they realized their initial showing was really weak and they've been trying to prove themselves ever since.


As for the beta videos being taken down, well, in all likelihood I'd do the exact same thing in their shoes. Unless their marketing strategy specifically used leaked videos as one of its cornerstones, then it's a bunch of content, much of it with negative spin, that they have no control over. (There also might be an element of pride to the thing: Sure, even if something really cool got leaked and people responded well to it, they didn't get to experience it first-hand first. Like, they're (ZOS) trying to craft an awesome experience here, and all of these players are up and ruining it for themselves before they've even finished their work!)



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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's limp right now.

Brodo Swaggins

Brodo Swaggins

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I just wish they released some updates beyond the "Ask the Developers" or whatever that series is.



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As crappy as those beta vids are those account for a good percentage of my site's traffic. The beta vids are what people base their opinions on. ZOS should start putting out some quality before people start turning towards crap like eq next.

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