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NPC Guild Skill Lines

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NPC Guild Skills (Beta Leak)


Fighters Guild

Ultimate Abilities

    [*]Dawnbreaker - unlocks rank 52
    [*]instant - 10m radius - 125 ultimate - no cooldown
    [*]deals 29 magic damage to enemies infront of you
    [*]deal 60% additional damage to undead and daedra

    Active Abilities

      [*]Trap Beast - unlocks rank 52
      [*]instant - 28m range - 56 stamina - no cooldown
      [*]place a trap at location that takes 5s to arm
      [*]first enemy to hit trap takes 7 magic damage and is immobilized for 6s
      [*]undead and daedra also burn for 15 magic damage

        [*]Silver Bolts - unlocks rank 52
        [*]instant - 28m range - 48 stamina - no cooldown
        [*]deals 11 generic damage
        [*]undead and daedra are knocked down for 5s
        [*]small chance on hit to banish targets dealing very high damage

          [*]Expert Hunter - unlocks rank 52
          [*]instant - self - 48 stamina - no cooldown
          [*]for 12s
          [*]deal 25% additional damage to undead and daedra
          [*]killing an undead or daedra increases duration by 15s


            [*]Circle of Protection - unlocks rank 52
            [*]instant - 5m radius - 40 stamina - no cooldown
            [*]create area of self protection for 20s
            [*]allies take 15% less damage
            [*]take another 20% less damage from undead and daedra

            Passive Abilities

              [*]Intimidating Presence - unlocks rank 1
              [*]passive - self
              [*]allows you to intimidate certain NPCs in conversations

                [*]Bounty Hunter - unlocks rank 52
                [*]passive - self
                [*]fighters guild in Cyrodiil will offer you bounty quests

                  [*]Banish the Wicked - unlocks rank 52
                  [*]passive - self
                  [*]gain 7 ultimate when killing undead of daedra

                    [*]Slayer - unlocks rank 52
                    [*]passive - self
                    [*]deal 5% additional damage to undead and daedra
                    [/list] Mages Guild

                    Ultimate Abilities

                      [*]Meteor - unlocks rank 8
                      [*]instant - 28m range - 150 ultimate - no cooldown
                      [*]deals 14 fire damage
                      [*]deals 50% to enemies within 5m
                      [*]knocks enemies back 800cm

                      Active Abilities

                        [*]Magelight - unlocks rank 1
                        [*]instant - self - 32 magicka - no cooldown
                        [*]summons a light for 15s
                        [*]the light reveals hidden and invisible enemies within 12m


                          [*]Soul Trap - unlocks rank 3
                          [*]instant 28m range - 40 magicka - no cooldown
                          [*]deals 2 magic damage over 10s
                          [*]fills a soul gem if enemy dies while affected

                            [*]Equilibrium - unlocks rank 4
                            [*]instant - self - no cost - no cooldown
                            [*]- trade 19 health for 19 magicka

                              [*]Fire Rune - unlocks rank 6
                              [*]instant - 28m range - 60 magicka - no cooldown
                              [*]create a fire rune at target location for 30.5s
                              [*]deal 7 magic damage when an enemy enters the area

                                [*]Steadfast Ward - unlocks rank 10
                                [*]instant - self - 80 magicka - no cooldown
                                [*]absorbs up to 120 damage from the next incoming attack
                                [*]last 30s

                                Passive Abilities

                                  [*]Persuasive Will - unlocks rank 1
                                  [*]passive - self
                                  [*]allows you to persuade certain NPCs in conversation

                                    [*]Potency - unlocks rank 5
                                    [*]passive - self
                                    [*]increase spell damage and healing by 5%

                                      [*]Greater Ward - unlocks rank 7
                                      [*]passive - self
                                      [*]reduce incoming spell damage by 15% while blocking

                                        [*]Stability - unlocks rank 9
                                        [*]passive - self
                                        [*]increase mages guild spell durations by 20%



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