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Chillrend Damage decrease?

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My sword Chillrend (legendary) was doing 112 damage. I am level 63, and I did not move up a level when the damage went down to only 96. (Still saying it is legendary). I do not have any diseases or over visible things hindering my weapon damage. What has happened?But what is stranger, is my Blade of Woe (legendary) which was doing 77 damage, now does 87?Please help.


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Hm, that seems odd. Few possibilities that come to mind.

    [*]Did you reset your Destruction perks? The frost damage on Chillrend is affected by the Augmented Frost.

    This may seem fairly obvious, but it the weapon charged?


    Or is this solely the listed physical damage? I know you said you didn't have appear to have any visible diseases, but make sure you check your "Active Effects" if you didn't when looking for those things.


    You could always do the restoration/smithing loop to boost the damage almost infinitely if that's a concern. As far as the Blade of Woe, that seems like the result of a gain in levels. If that also happened without a gain then I have no idea, maybe you just added a patch?

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