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26-Jul-2011 - Clan Citadels are Here!


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It’s typical: you wait ten years for a clan-owned environment to turn up, and hundreds of them arrive at once! Clan Citadels, floating castles in the sky, have drifted over the horizon for you and your clanmates to customise and own. Hold clan meetings, coordinate skirmishes with other clans, and gather together to collect resources for the upgrading and maintenance of your Clan Citadel!Starting Out:Gather your clan and head to Avalani in the portal area of the Clan Camp, south of Falador. She’ll be eager to start the creation ritual, connecting you and your clan to your very own Clan Citadel, decked out with your clan’s insignia and colours. You will need to be in a clan of 5 or more clanmates who are members to setup a Clan Citadel and your clan must contain 5 or more members for you to access your existing Citadel. Free players are not able to enter the Clan Citadels.With the ritual complete, you can teleport to your citadel from the large portal in the Clan Camp. This will take you to the clan portal on your very own Clan Citadel, where you can begin your explorations and decide on which Citadel layout you want to have. This includes options for the sky, which will be viewable all around and below your Clan Citadel, and can be sunlit or starlit, according to your preferences. New players should talk to Avalani in the Citadel to get books and pointers to help with the setup process.For more detailed information on the basics of the Clan Citadel, click here.Building Your Citadel:As you explore your chosen Clan Citadel layout, you will note a number of empty hotspots that can be filled with your choice of decoration or useful locations. To build on these hotspots, however, you and your clanmates will need to gather resources.Gathering resources can be done at skill hotspots within the Citadel. Work as a clan at these hotspots and you will begin to generate the resources needed to construct more impressive things for your clan. You will also generate a small amount of skill XP as you do so, with hard workers unlocking the clan ring (see Rewards). There are no skill requirements, no gp costs and no item requirements to contribute to the resource pool for your clan.Your Clan Citadel can be upgraded if your clan is particularly diligent at gaining resources, and is of a sufficient size. There are seven tiers of Clan Citadel to unlock and move up through, with each tier offering more space, more hotspots and more impressive elements to add about your Clan Citadel. Ignore the skill hotspots and neglect to gather resources, however, and your Clan Citadel will degrade and potentially even drop to a lower tier. This is because your Citadel requires a weekly resource upkeep; a small amount of effort for the use of the area.For more information on collecting resources for your Clan Citadel, click here.For more information on the upkeep costs of a Clan Citadel, click here.Areas of the Citadel:The first stop for many will be the Clan Battlefield. Each Clan Citadel gets one for free, and it can be accessed by speaking to the clan battlemaster – a character wandering about your citadel. The Battlefield is home to a RuneScape first: an editor that allows you to generate your own combat scenarios and minigames. Create and fine-tune a battlefield, and then invite other clans (or your clan members) to participate in scenarios limited only by what you can think of. Capture the Flag games, deathmatches, ball games, mazes and even combinations of these ideas are possible using the tool. We’re intrigued by what outlandish games you might create!For more information on the Clan Battlefield, click here.Elsewhere, the Keep is the centrepiece of your Clan Citadel. This large battlement houses your senate, meeting rooms and party room. The senate is destined to be where larger meetings are held, with a podium for a speaker and seats for an audience; the meeting rooms can host smaller meetings that are set to public or, from tier 2 onwards, private; and the party room, accessible from tier 3 onwards, can play host to balloon drops or all-night parties.You might want to make a stop at the clan noticeboard, found at the entrance of the Clan Citadel, which allows you to communicate your goals and ethos to your clanmates. It is also worth noting that making your way around the Clan Citadel is made easier by a nifty addition: opening your citadel’s map and clicking on an area marked with a ‘T’ will teleport you to that location.For more information on the Keep, click here.For more information on the noticeboard, click here.Accessing the Citadel:A clan ranking and permissions system is used to determine who can make changes to Clan Citadels. Permissions can be given for the construction and customisation of hotspots, and also downgrading areas. Clanmates may change permissions for anyone who is ranked below them in the clan.New members of the clan must pass a probationary period of one week before they can contribute to resource gathering or the clan’s size. The founders of a Clan Citadel (those who took part in the creation ritual) and those who join in the week following Clan Citadel’s release are exempt from this probationary period. A Clan Citadel must be owned by 5 clanmates or more, otherwise the Citadel becomes inaccessible after the next build tick until such a time that the clan regains those 5 clanmates.RuneScape subscribers who are not in your clan can still visit your Clan Citadel, although they may be restricted to certain areas. Similarly, you can visit other Clan Citadels for diplomatic purposes – if they permit non-clanmates to visit – or even just to get a glimpse of what other Clan Citadels look like. To set visiting preferences for your Clan Citadel, access your Clan Settings interface.For more information on the Clan Settings interface, click here.For more information on signposts, click here.Rewards:There are few bigger rewards than having a huge citadel for you and your clans to call your own. There are, however, some perks that are worth mentioning. The clan ring is an accessory that’s unlocked by contributing enough resources to the clan resource pool in a given week. Charge the clan ring on a skill hotspot to align it with that skill. When you perform that skill on the surface of RuneScape, you will receive a 1.5x multiplier to any XP gained. The amount of total bonus XP is dependent on your level and the tier of the skill hotspot.For more information on the clan ring, click here.For those clans who are diligent and proud enough to level their Citadel all the way up to tier 7, we are delighted to offer the clan dragon! Visitors will be more than a little impressed by your choice of mascot. Watch their faces as the dragon flies from its perch and takes a quick tour of your Citadel...For more information on clan dragons, click here.Clan Development TeamSummary:How to get a Clan Citadel:5 or more clanmates with membership must meet at the Clan Camp south of Falador, and talk to Avalani to start the creation ritual. Requirements to get Clan Citadel:You must be a member to create a Clan Citadel.You must be in a clan with 5+ clanmates with membership. In other news...Your clan homepage has also been updated to reflect the level of your Clan Citadel.

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