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ES Lore on Youtube Discussion

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So I commented on a Lore video on the Dwemer made by ShoddyCast. Heres what happened:




The Dwemer weren't unified, so it doesn't make sense why they would all spontaneously transfer themselves into a hunk of metal to achieve a radical goal.

Also Yagrum Bargarn was spared of the disappearance, and even tells you this bit of dialogue: "My only consolation is each day to mock the gods who destroyed my race, and condemned me to this bleak existence."

So I'm pretty sure that the gods swept their souls off of the realm of existence, fed up with their petty attempts to become immortal.


mojonation1487 :


Incorrect, the Dwemer were unified, short of Yagrum who was in a completely different plane of existence and outside of The Calling.

Why doesn't it make sense to you? Every type of Mer has made attempts at the same goal.




I mean they weren't in the same part of Tamriel. Even if they could communicate mind-to-mind, it has not been stated that they were unified.

Just because humans are of the same race, does that mean we all shoot for a single goal?


That guy:


Oh, and just to clarify (I was sleepy when I posted earlier), they all were unified, but not necessarily informed. Kagnrenac only gave half truths to his people (sharing their hate of being sub-gradients of the Godhead) to will them along. Most probably have no idea of the true purpose (that is conjectured).




Nevertheless, Yagrum was a very knowledgeable individual, and I do believe the Gods had destroyed them.

I haven't seen any proof of them achieving godhood. The Numidium was merely a construct controlled by the emperors using artifacts and powerful mage souls.


That guy:


Honestly, nvm. I don't feel like explaining what really happened to you anymore. The devs themselves TELL YOU FLAT OUT. But hey, you seem like a douche so I'll pass.




There is no need to get mad.

The devs have never flat out stated anything. Much of the game's lore is up to the player's interpretation.

It's just my opinion, I trust the word of Kagrenac's trusted ally over books on theories of their disappearance.

Again, much of the lore is supposed to be twisted and confusing. No one knows what actually happened.

Have a nice day.


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He later removed the comment calling me a douche.


Apparently people don't do their homework before commenting.


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Well that escalated quickly.


Welcome to YouTube, though.

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