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What Features Would You Like to See in ESO?

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I am curious to see as to what the fan base wishes to see in this upcoming, epic, Elder Scrolls-themed MMO.


You can say anything, from hoarding sweetrolls, to player housing, to being able to purchase mounts that are able to be kept in city-side stables.


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I'll go ahead and say what I want:


1. No fast travelling.


Such an addition to the game would wreck it.


*Goes into Cyrodiil.*

*Massive Nordic army warps in*



I don't know if they have specified it yet, but I am seeing them put in travel systems such as boat travel, silt striders, carriages, and other such stuff. It would also be cool to have gondoliers in the game, so you could be able to tour cities with canals and stuff in it. *Cough*  *cough* Vivec *couch*


2. Permanent game experience.


I know that sounds a bit weird, but I'm not referring to skills points, I'm referring to the game itself.


Take World of Warcraft for example. If you look at vanilla, and look at the current expansion, Mists of Pandaria, you notice a huge content jump.



Over the years, quests have been sliced away, piece by piece. Entire storylines are missing, just to make way for the new content.


I would like for all of the vanilla ESO story to remain, but when they add additions, to let the original stuff stay. You know about the whole expansion deal with the previous games, it adds content, and takes nothing major away from the game.


I truly hope the whole taking-away-story-from-the-game deal doesn't happen.


3. Player-run cities.


Oh yes indeed. This takes abit of inspiration from Star Wars Galaxies. Although I haven't really ever played the thing, there was one interesting aspect in it, and you guessed it (I think)! Player citites!


In addition to capital cities and regional industrial centers, the players were able to make a sandbox world. They could go out, buy land, and commission a city to be constructed. As long as they had funding to keep the buildings from falling apart, the city could exist. Also, any player could come in and build a home there. They were allowed to do things like any civilian would be able to do, like voting for the mayor, going down to the cantina, have some fun at the theatre, and being allowed to buy a ticket to have them flown off world. It was an incredible thing that sadly, most MMOs dont have.


At any rate, if we aren't allowed to make our own villages, I hope we can at least take one over or possibly construct guild halls in cities. I would like something in the game to make me feel like an actual Tamrielic citizen. To make me feel like I've left a mark in the world.


4. All the lycanthropic races to be added.


Not going to say much here, I just hope the Weresharks and Wereboars appear in this game.


5. All the breeds of Khajiit to appear.


There are tons of breeds of Khajiit. Some are very cat-like, some are very similar to men, some are buff, some are weak. I just hope theyre all featured. Even if you're not promted to choose a breed, there could be a slider added to make how human you want to look, or at least look like the different breeds. Idk. I wonder what they will do about this.


6. For Boethia to actually appear as a man.


Idk about you, but I cant take Mr. Hips very seriously when he is in his form with breasts.


7. No Elder Trolls.


Good God. Some of the supposed Elder Scrolls "fans" scare me. They say they're a fan of the series, and they always shit on the older games, which is confusing, and rather tends to grind my balls, because when you say you're a fan of the series, that tends to mean you like most of the games released (if not all). And then there will probably be fans of the older games colliding with the pissant Skyrim fanboys (Don't get me wrong, its a fine game, and I'm not insulting you, Mr. or Mrs. (or perhaps even Ms.) Reader)


Also, all the damn thieves and athletic characters, well, not even that. Heres a scenario that is popping into my head constantly:


*I walk into town**Sees people jumping on top of barrels and rocks in order to move around."

*Sees people hoarding the mines, not allowing other players to extract ore from the precious veins*

*Players monopolize the game, and steal all of the respawning items (like bread, sweetrolls, and potions) and have them sold at auction houses, because the players can't get to them fast enough*

*Sees players pickpocketing everything*

*Sees players T-bagging everything*


I could go on and on but, you get the idea (I hope).


That about sums it up.


If you read this whole thing, contact me or leave a comment, I'll give you a sweetroll.




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Some great ideas there bro, I actually read them all and I'm half asleep!


About the fast travel though, I see your point, and wouldn't mind it not appearing in ESO, but that's only if they provide sources of fast transport, because it'll probably be massive.


In general, I want more control and options - interact with the world more. As you pointed out, you want player-run cities, which could be extremely hard to implement, but awesome if they could. If anything, I want guilds to actually mean something, not just join and have a chat, but like you said, at least a guild hall.


Also, I really do hope this feels a bit like Skyrim - running along in first person in Skyrim, adventuring, felt very much like I was there. I just have a bad feeling ESO will have that MMO movement feel to it, where you run really fast and then just stop ridiculously fast, if that makes sense.



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From what they said in the recent inteviaws, there will be fast travel outside Cyrodill thru wayshrines. In Cyrodil, it seems you can only fast travel to the keeps owned by your alliance. As soon as you loose a keep you can't fast travel to it. And what I would like to see in ESO, amongst other things, would be mounted combat. Mounts with skill tree, gear, etc.



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I don't mind the wayshrines, but if you wanted to make the game more immersive, one would take out such a thing as clicking on an icon on the world map and warping to it.


If you could fast travel to your keep that would be pretty shitty for your enemies, considering that you would be able to have a continuous stream of allies coming in.


If that were allowed then it would be virtually impossible to crown a king.


Also, Morrowind hit the whole fast-travel ordeal spot on. Don't get me wrong, fast travel is extremely useful and it in no way breaks the game. I just find that using boats, silt striders, carriages, horses, and your own two feet are better than clicking a button and appearing in a town.





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If they stick to the DAoC formula (like I think they will) you'll be able to fast travel to keeps in Cyrodiil as long as they are not under attack. It was one of the perks to owning the keep and it didn't detract from the game at all, quite contrary... it was necessity. 



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It would be better for it to be like that.


Personally I think if they want to use keep fast travel, that one would have to first 'discover' the keep, then be able to travel to it, similar to what was done in the other games.


I like exploring and adventuring, if you haven't noticed :tongue:



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Well, you can't travel to any point, jut to wayshrines, which is a bit like teleporting thru the mages guilds in Morrowind. There will indeed be teleporting to keeps in Cyrodill, they have said it in many interviews, and it's exactly like Drexil said, you can't teleport to a keep that's under attcak, same as in Daoc



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The funny thing is, the guy from Mythic is the head of Zenimax Online Studios



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Aye, Matt Firor. That's why you are gonna see a lot of features and mechanics that were part of Daoc returning in ESO. 3 factions, the way the PvP is structured, etc.

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