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do you roleplay your character?

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Hi guys I have just joined the community and have posted a few topics and a few comments here and there and I guess this is just an excuse to get this out of my head. I have been brooding on this for a while and just want to get it out (am a bit OCD like that). Feel free to comment on my characters story and tell me abput yours if you do the same.


Aelinir was born in the summerset isles in an abandoned shack in 4E 146 to his evil necromancer mother. They travelled around abit here and there until his mother was captured one day by the thalmor with an excessively high boumty on her head aelinir was 5 at the time. He was taken to live in a care home just north east of the capital. This awoke his passionate hate for the thalmor. He was a dark child practsing magic in his room and reading and always thinking about how he might one day become more powerful and influential than the thalmor. He became from a very young age a powerful, evil wizard practising necromancy and corrupt from his lust for power and knowledge and always to bend the world to his will.


In his young adult hood he became a powerful and feared necromancer and learned much from his equally powerful friends even though he pictured them more as tools. He was then forced to leave very rapodly due to the damn thalmor again. This time he left by boat, smuggled in a crate to valenwood in 4E 168. He swore never too return and too someday brqke completely free of this thalmor grasp that plagued him.


He made his way to cyrodiil and took up residence in the hills just outside of the imperial city. He began his research again making knew friends quickly and becoming a large local influence. Things would not stay this way for long though he again picked up an excessive bounty. This time the word had gone too far and durastic actions needed to be taken. He knew a woman who offered him surgery too make him unrecognisable and he took it. His face was aged now the year was late in 4E 200. He then, for good measure killed off everyone who could give information on him and left for skyrim.He was then ambushed by imperials, knocked out in the fight...woke up in the cart u know the story. Oh and he lost all his former powers. After the dragon attack on whiterun and meeting of the greybeards and discovery of him being dragonborn along side his quest to kill alduin he encountered five groups from which he would regain all his former powers and become more in control pf skyrim than the high king ulfric himself ( he sided with the stormcloacks). These groups where: college of winterhold who helped, companions, house telvanni of morrowind, dark brotherhood and the thieves guild. He was at one point a werewolf and at a later a vampire but cured himself because they "unfocused the mind". He rose through the ranks of each quickly learning much and eventually becoming the unquestionably most powerful mage too ever live. His thuum was so strong he could command the very will of dragons and tame them too fight for him. It was said he could permanently raise the dead to serve him, summon certain types of daedra to permanently to fight for him and create blizzards and spells not seen fir ages and ages. He kicked miraak and alduins candy a$$e$ incase you hadnt figured.


He also made a little family and a luxurious estate in the country where he could quietly practise his evil experiments. He married a women named sylgjia and adopted two children for her named samuel and runa he also had a steward and carriage driver but no bard ( the music stopped him from working to the best of his ability). He didnt have time with pregnancy because it would require too much attention and his corrupted mind only had eyes for knowledge.He also had a few run ins with the daedra but the most influencial was hermeause mora with his oghma infinium and black books. He entered his servotude with the replacement of miraak and from this he learnt even more knowledge and became geater than ever.Now he pretty much ran skyrim and later on when the telvanni were restored he would influence morrowind aswell. He was ready for the thalmor with all this at his disposal he was incredibly wealthy and could bring them down potentially without a war just let them come.Only one last thing remained-immortality-. He had to aquire it somehow he had ruled out vamarism to many weaknesses so he became a leach now wothin a year of his restart he was more powerful than ulfriv and pretty much owned a country through incluencephew glad I got that out btw his knew and fake name is galdof. Plz give me feed back that took alot of work and it was hell on a phone. probs a few typos and I triesd too keep it as lore friendly as possible! :)oh god please excuse my english alot of that sounded alot better in my head but i hope u get the idea. oh and so many typos please excuse that I did this on a phone


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I do a bit, but not nearly as in-depth as you or others on this site. I mainly  just restrict myself to certain skills / combat styles.


Major props for writing up that whole backstory, especially since you did it on your phone!


Also, there's no need to double post - just use the edit button. You won't get in trouble for double posting or anything but it's just something for Mods to merge. :)



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Kudos for that - to write that on your phone is impressive - was a great read!


Now much I can say about mine, I've pretty much played 3 characters all called Fergal, lmao.


Overall, I've done all the factions and sided with the Imperials twice and the Stormcloaks the other time (and must say, was much better). Always played melee, be it two-handed or just the one with healing in the other hand; never really used the skill of archery. I've crafted the almighty daedric armour; although, couldn't bring my alchemy and enchanting past around 80 to make it stronger, because it was just too hard.


Not much else to say really, I've became thane of most holds I believe and just modded my PC character, lolz.



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Yeah this is the first time I have done this in real depth. I find it can make the game feel alot more real and meaningful the effort was deffinately worth it. This guy is a high elf btw and is currently lvl 50. Like you said I did imperials on my dark elf character and it wasnt as good as stormcloaks. The game has become really grindy with leveling Any ideas for smithing in particular and enchanting? Enchanting is 80 so my destruction costs nothing but I want to get two enchantments on one and my smithing is 70 but want daedric armour ( I am in ebony and nordic carved for now)

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