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Ok , I'm having a problem related to attack fromGibbering Lunatic and another of the sort . Each time I get attacked by these idiots , they either become a wolf or a bear (lycanthrope form of course) .The thing is , I'm suspecting a mod of doing the nasty to my game . In this case , I would think that the wolf mod that I added may have altered the number of encounter .But before I point an accusatory finger to the guilty mod , I would like to know if it's a normal behavior in the game or if it's a possibility that a mod screw up this .What is wrong ?The gibbering Lunatic - they spawn everywhere . One at a time of course , but it is still annoying like hell . They even spawn inside a Dungeon ! and after I kill it , usually 2 Vigilant warriors come running to kill it (kinda late) and they follow me for a time . And no I'm not a werewolf !This so far I can live with , but the reason why I need to figure out is when they start killing NPC .I do have mods like run for your lives (for dragons attack and Vampires) . But these lunatics attack happen anywhere and any time of the day . It's very random !The mod I think that *may* have done something is : Moonlight TalesThank you .

P.S: I have all DLC installed .


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It's really hard to say if that's the intended behavior of the game or Moonlight Tales causing things to go haywire. To confirm the issue, you're going to have to disable the mod to see if anything changes.

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