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Guides on the Front Page / as Articles

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I'm sort of considering a rework of what's front-page / article material when it comes to guides. Honestly, there's really no rhyme or reason to anything when you look at the featured Skyrim guides section.


If you go to a well-known site with a knowledge-base  you don't expect to see 15 guides on completely random topics with varying degrees of general appeal. Most of the guides/articles we have now would fall into some niche/miscellaneous category, or maybe even remain as forum topics.


I know for a fact I would like a more logical help-site esque layout with more rigid content sections. For example, the Skyrim Guides page should instead be more of a "home page index"  linking to specific categories. For example, one category would need to be based on skill guides. There would be 1 page for each skill.


Instead of having individual people write guides, it would have to be a community project to keep the pages updated. This would actually be fairly easy with an "everyone can edit" wiki-style approach. Information from the existing wiki's can actually be used to populate this legally (I'm not suggesting copying), so it's not like everything's being written from scratch.


The main issue with large wiki-style pages (and why our current guides are successful), is that you lose a lot of search potential by stuffing tons of information on one page. For this reason, user guides wouldn't necessarily be removed, but they wouldn't really "front-page" either.


I'm not suggesting this just for Skyrim content, since that ship has largely sailed. Coming up with some type of new approach is needed for ESO and future games, though.


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I guess this means community motivation for such a project is low.

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