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19-Jul-2011 - You’ve seen the trilogy, now quiz the star!


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With three top tip videos in the bag, Excl’s shown us the tools and tricks needed to produce a quality video competition entry.After reviewing the GGVA entries sent in so far, it seems to us that the RuneScape video making community clearly have a few tricks up their own sleeves too. The quality and variety we’re seeing is just fantastic - One minute I’m watching RuneScape music played by sweaty rockers and the next I’m watching a unicorn gambling through a field chasing down imps. Brilliant.While Excl’s top tips videos answered a lot of questions, they’ve also sparked a whole new range of questions and requests for help. It’ll come as good news then that he’s kindly stepped up to host a machinima and video making Q&A session on Thursday evening right here on the RuneScape forums.You can find full details over on the dedicated Q&A session thread. If you can’t make it on Thursday evening, don’t panic, the thread is already open for you to leave your excuses and questions.The winners of this year’s Golden Gnome Video Awards will be announced in a live ceremony at RuneFest 2011 in London. For more information about the awards and RuneFest’s other wondrous competitions, check out the Competitions page on the RuneFest website.http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/l=0/sl=0/forums.ws?235,236,615,63008495^ More info.

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