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Minecraft, Dead Space 3, and Metal Gear DLCs

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Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC

The first of our announcements is for Dead Space 3's Awakened DLC. This DLC, available for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points, takes place after the game and tries to bring the series back to its horror roots.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC

Our other DLC announcement is for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. VR training DLC will be released exclusively on the PS3 on March 13, and it will be free until April 3rd, after which it is expected to go up to about $3. If you ever plan to pick this game up, this month will be the best time to nab this particular DLC.

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A Bird Story

Freebird Games, developer of To the Moon, has announced their next project. A prequel, it will be named A Bird Story, and it will revolve around a crippled bird and a boy, who was a character in To the Moon. The game is set to be released mid 2013.

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Minecraft Update

The final announcement I bring is from Mojang. They are set to release their Redstone update for Minecraft on March 13. This update will add the following...

    [*]Redstone Comparator (used in Redstone logic)
    [*]Hopper (collects items and moves them to containers)
    [*]Dropper (similar to Dispensers, but always drops the item)
    [*]Activator Rail (activates TNT Minecarts)
    [*]Daylight Sensor
    [*]Trapped Chest
    [*]Weighed Pressure Plate
    [*]Block of Redstone
    [*]Nether Brick (item)
    [*]Nether Quartz and ore
    [*]Block of Quartz, with half blocks and chiseled variants.
    [/list]This patch is already available in its pre-release form.

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I had no idea MGR:R was even out yet.


Sadly any game that has this is a bit too far fetched for me.


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i've heard MGR is a decent Hack&Slash game, and that the MGS Fanboys were blown away by it, after they thought they were ruining the franchise with it, but then had to admit they were wrong :P

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