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Dawnguard re-downloaded Mess up :,( (xbox360)

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So i got my Xbox 360 back from letting my friend borrow it, and i haven't played Skyrim with Dawnguard add-on for almost 10 months. I started the game back up again a couple hours ago and i Loaded from my last save point (which is in Volkihar Keep) it said "this save relies on centent that is no longer present. Some objects may no longer be available. continue loading?". I quit the game and looked at my game data and i never found the Dawnguard add-on! I then re-downloaded the add-on, i started the game up again and tried loading my last save point and it says the same thing. i choose yes and started the game up, it took me to Riverwood  and i cant find the Dawnguard castle on my map nor the items i remember having (like the bow that i can use with the princesses blood to shoot out the sun).

I need help! i have spent so many countless hours on the Dawnguard add-on and i don't wanna find out that i have to start from scratch and earn everything back again!! 

I don't wanna be the Skyrim player that "took an Arrow to the knee" :(


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Make sure the Dawnguard add-on (and all others that were purchased) is actually installed. Ask your friend if he bought DLC or something without you knowing. You should be able to resume from where you left off when all the DLC associated with that save file is working.


Loading a save file that previously had DLC in it, that doesn't now, and saving over it is going to cause issues. I would advise against it. At best you'll lose all of your DLC stuff, and it's likely to lead to other bugs in the main game.

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