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15-Jul-2011 - Battle For VIP RuneFest 2011 tickets and Gain Some Loyalty Points to Boot


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The 5v5 Tournament is coming to RuneScape soon. You will be able to fight alongside four of your friends for a chance to be VIPs at RuneFest 2011. Not only will we fly the victorious combatants over to London and put them in a swanky hotel – they will have the privilege of facing off against the Jagex Clan Wars Pro team live at RuneFest on the big stage!But that’s not all; each member in every team that takes part will be given 100 Loyalty Points if they have signed up to our newly released Members Loyalty Programme. Those that battle their way to the last 32 teams and our tournament stages will earn themselves 250 points instead of 100 and both team’s players that reach the Grand Final will earn 500 points instead of 250. Definitely suitable recognition for the loyal warriors who have proven themselves in battle throughout the tournament!Signups are open until 22nd July so there is plenty of time to grab a group of your friends and give it your best shot. Anyone has a chance to win the tournament - tactics, skill and careful planning are all key elements to any strategy and the 5v5 Tournament is no different. You could just be up for some epic battles or just want buckets of fun along the way – no matter how you want to play it, you should sign up and give it a go.We’re always looking at player feedback and changes to the tournament so that you can maximise your gaming experience and we’ve made a few based on feedback already! Shortening the tournament, allowing a substitutes bench and more customisation of battles have already made it into the rules so don’t hesitate to let us know as you signup.For more information about the tournament click here and to sign up to the tournament click here.The RuneFest Team

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