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Perk problem

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I think my perks are spread out too thin and I also think I'm trying to train too many things.Perks will go intoSmithing (heavy)One handed (dual wield)Archery (power shot, steady hand)Pickpocket (extra pockets)Speech (merchant)Alchemy (benefactor, poisoner)Conuration (soul trap)Destruction (dual cast, adept, augmented)Restoration (avoid death, regeneration, respite)Enchanting (all non soul gem)I will be training all of these except Pickpocket, speechI wear heavy armor too.By training I do not meen powerlevel (exception alchemy, smithing, enchanting) Anything I can narrow down perk wise?


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    [*]Speech. Frees up 3 perks. Yeah, selling to all merchants is nice, but by the time you're level 20-30 you'll be rolling in cash regardless so it really doesn't make much of a difference end-game.
    [*]Pickpocket: again 3 perks. Enchant apparel to boost carrying capacity instead.
    [*]Conjuration - I LOVE DEAD THRALL. Consider putting perks to get this and you can have up to 2 permanent companions that can be revived with you at all times.
    [*]Destruction - Just get dual casting and impact in addition to novice. Chances are you'll want to use more than one type of spell so augmented is sort of a waste.
    [*]Regeneration - Unless you die a lot avoid death is kind of meh. Consider Necromage if you go for Dead Thrall since it increases the max level of NPC's you can thrall.

    A lot really depends on how you play, so take the above with a grain of salt as I'm not sure about your play-style.

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I suppose I don't need extra cash anyway and yeah I don't die so extra companions sounds unthrilling totally respect your playing style though. I have more objections to destruction and pickpocket mostly 3 perks for extra enchantments on my armor seems a fair enough trade and while 6 perks is costly 50% for all my spells is pretty cool.

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