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Thieves guild armor

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I got the Thieves guild armor and they tell me I can upgrade it. Can I only upgrade 1 piece or the whole set? and if 1 which 1 in your opinion give reasoning not to go with others too. Thank You.


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If you're talking about "Scoundrel's Folly", the options are...

    [*]The Armor upgrade has carrying capacity +35 instead of +20.
    [*]The Boot upgrade has pickpocket +25% instead of +15%.
    [*]The Gloves upgrade has lockpicking +25% instead of +15%.
    [*]The Hood upgrade boosts prices by +15% instead of +10%.

    So you upgrade 1 piece of the set of your choosing. What's best depends on what you're character needs or is lacking in. Looking at the above stats, IMO you should choose boots/armor depending on what you want. Lockpicking bonuses are useless and chances are unless you're under level 20 something you have tons of cash, rendering the price bonuses moot.


    After "Under New Management," this Thieves Guild Armor is exchanged for a superior set called the Guild Master's Armor.

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