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Daynas Valan

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josh wolf

josh wolf
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I was told to find the answers to the Gaulder Amulet mystery by finding Danas Valan in Solusthein.

The arrow ends up in downtown Raven Rock between the Lenth farmhouse front door and the well.  

The guy isn't there even after waiting and putting on the amulet.  I'm thinking maybe he died in a Dragon attack?   Just asking if there is a prompt to make him show or if this character will just remain ignorant. 


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I might just be misreading the problem, but Daynas should be outside of Folgunthur. There is a bug that may produce jumbled objectives and lead to the incorrect quest arrows.


While Daynas Valen's Journal is definitely a quest-related item, reading it before reading Lost Legends will cause the quest stages to stumble upon each other. First, it will render Lost Legends useless. Reading Lost Legends will then render all three copies of the writ of sealing and the ancient edict useless. If you read them in a different order, the quest will initiate but will not update.

    [*]If you stumble upon this bug, the only solution is to find Daynas Valen in Folgunthur and read his Notes. The quest will then start and proceed from quest stage 30.


Try to find Daynas in Folgunthur and ignore the quest marker for now. If he's actually missing or dead, you may be out of luck. Do you have the game for the 360/PS3/PC? If you own the PC version fixing it will be pretty easy with console commands.

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