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Og Blog: EoC and the Grand Exchange

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Brodo Swaggins

Brodo Swaggins

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The Evolution of Combat was one of the biggest changes in RuneScape's history, and it's inevitable that its effects will be felt in the RuneScape economy. In this blog, Mod Mark gives reasons to hold onto your top-end gear, and talks some more about the combat system's ongoing evolution. View Original Article


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"Prices on the GE are falling in response to the volume of items being sold on the GE; right now people are panic-selling items, because they are afraid the price of the items will go down considerably."


Are they actually blind? people are not panic selling. They are selling because Combat sucks dick so they've gone 100% skilling or they have just simply quit... so dumb

Eric the Bard

Eric the Bard

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Eh... I logged in yesterday and discovered everyone had some mills, and everything was extremely expensive. I concluded the economy is properly broken, new players would have to bot or buy from sites to afford some good gear to earn the real money. RS is broken. They took of my thieving cape.

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