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New Branch of Site Being Developed


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Going to take another run at the whole video game deals thing. It's going to be a database that anyone can add deals to that allows sorting based on several different deal-related fields, such as retailer, systems the deal is applicable to based on availability, and some others. This is going to be displayed in a way that's much better than it would be on a forum which is what we used to be using (along with other large sites that do similar things. It's very BETA and unfinished right now, but I'll post a link so you have an idea of what I'm talking about at least.




Again, not done at all but you can play with the sorting options a bit to see what I'm getting at. The bar on the left can filter by however many of the options you select.


I'm hoping it adds a reason for people to return to the site regularly; right now honestly there's little reason for most people to ever come back due to the nature of our content. 95% of traffic comes here, finds their Skyrim guide to get their question answered, and then leave. If there's constantly new, active, unique content that's getting added that people are interested in they'll return.


EDIT: This is NOT a "current price" database; it's a place to post deals that retailers are offering which brings a game's price far below its usual value.

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Looks good! Do you actually make much out of this though?


Btw, might be a good idea to move it into a "deals" directory and rename to index.html. Just a suggestion, looks better. :P

I don't really like the directory structure either, but because of how it works it would just be


instead of


The index.html page has to be in there despite the name (as of now).

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