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11-Jul-2011 - Players' Gallery - Not only Fremennik


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Again, we received so much beautiful artwork that it was difficult to choose the best eight. The final choice can be admired at Players’ Gallery .However hard the choice was, we decided to honour Chrishankhah for their Hero of Rellekka.Chrishankhah – apart from the pride which comes with this distinction - will receive our special prize; a selection of Jagex goodies and signed RuneScape concept art.But, of course, the Gallery doesn't stop there. Before we open the RuneFest competition, I would like to invite you to another theme – Monsters and Heros of RuneScape.There could be any creature which appears in the land of Gielinor, whether it comes from dungeons of Daemonheim or Kharidian deserts.As always, this is only meant as one source of inspiration. If you are keen to depict something completely different but still based in RuneScape, do not hesitate to send us your work!Submissions should be submitted to us at gallery@jagex.com by 4th of August.And last but not least – check our dedicated forum thread and share with us your opinion.

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