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What race/build should I pick?

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(If this should be in the questions section, move it. :P)

TLDR; Altmer, Khajiit or Nord?

Well, my Skyrim has been broken for a long time for my PS3. And my computer's graphics card is too outdated to run Skyrim (I have 2 working versions downloaded - hoped redueced textures might have worked!), so my friend who is done with Skyrim said I could borrow his for a while.

Going to start fresh - narrowed it down to the following races:

Altmer/High Elf (mage)
Khajiit (stealth, nightvision, and looks so cool, lol)
Nord (warrior type again; went Imperial last time because it looked the most normal)

Can't really decide, leaning towards Khajiit because they look awesome, and don't really like being an elf. I feel Nord would be slightly boring too, because I used melee last time.

Bearing this in mind, I will probably level as mage, archer and melee eventually.



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none of them. your bad



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<p>In Skyrim, your race really matters a lot less than it does in Obllivion/Morrowind where it was actually pretty important to pick something that had bonuses in line with your playstyle. Really, you can just go with what you want.

I'll just ignore the initial skill bonuses since they don't matter at all.


    [*]+50 Magicka
    [*]Regenerate magicka 25x faster
    for 60 seconds, once per day

      [*]Resist Frost 50%
      [*]Battlecry - Targets flee for 30 seconds, once per day

        [*]Claw attacks do 15 damage.
        [*]Night Eye - Improved night vision for 60 seconds multiple times per day.
        [/list]As you can see, they're all pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. The Altmer +50 magicka bonus is really the only one that makes an impact, and sadly that's because magic is weak as hell in the game comparatively. Even with the +50 bonus you'll ru out of magicka in 2 seconds until you enchant armor to get unlimited.

        So... Yeah. Go with who you want, because you really won't be at a significant advantage/disadvantage regardless of what your combat style is with any of them. There is some slightly different racist dialogue you get since Skyrim's Nords are assholes. Well, maybe not if you're a Nord. Never tried.



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Went with Khajiit, but yeah, probably going to try to max out a lot of stealth skills as well as archery and mage in the long run.

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