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05-Jul-2011 - Runescape Lore Update


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A thrilling new storyline has just been released in the Lores section of the RuneScape website which you can read right now by clicking here.The story expands on the history of Daemonheim and ties in with the recent Fremennik Sagas to give you an enthralling insight into the lore behind RuneScape and delves into the background of some of our most popular plots and characters.To take you even further into RuneScape mythology we are celebrating RuneScape Lore Week. As part of the week, we will be running a competition which allows YOU, the players, to decide the name of one of the central characters in the new lore story meaning your choice will have a lasting impact upon RuneScape itself.We will be taking suggestions for the character on the dedicated Character Naming Competition forum thread and also on our Facebook page. So get your creative thinking caps on, and suggest some awesome names which you would like the character to have. There is also a chance to win a signed copy of the story and some RuneScape goodies! You can check out the competition thread for more details.In addition to this we also have a whole host of events on this week including: a Q&A with the writer of the lore story, a guide on how to create your own fantasy characters and write your own stories as well as an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the development process for this storyline.You can keep up to speed with the week’s events by checking out the RuneScape Lore Week forum thread and our official RuneScape Facebook Page.The RuneScape Team

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