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Stealing Plans

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I am currently in the Companions and trying to finish the quest-line but I have a little problem. At the very end of the Silver Hand quest, when Adela the Huntress or however you spell her name and my player discover Skjor's body, the Huntress speaks to me and tells me to get out of here and that she'll stay back. At least that's what I think I heard. I might have missed a couple things she said but i'm not sure. She is supposed to give me my quest Stealing Plans but she didn't. It wasn't triggered. No idea if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong. Is there any way to fix this or trigger the quest another way? :) Greatly appreciated.


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Hm, I've never heard of any bug associated with that quest but I've been wrong before. After finishing The Silver Hand, three new radiant quests should be available in Jorrvaskr. Completeing two of these quests for Aela is required before the next main quest, which is Blood's Honor.If I remember correctly the Stealing Hands quest you're talking about is one of the radiant quests. Have you tried leaving the cave and then talking to Aela again in Whiterun? I believe that's where the quest is supposed to begin.

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