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Overwhelmed & Indecisive: Thief/Assassin Build

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So I'm on my way out of the starting area (holding Rolof's hand), I am. Khajiit with maxed 1h, 2h, sneak, and destruction. I would like archery to be my main source of damage, but I would also like to be an assassin/thief type. I favor 2h's, but would eventually like to get my conjuring up for the Bound Bow for archery levelling. Could I get some guidance as far as magicka, health, stam point distribution and spec build?


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I'll just jot down some of my thoughts and you can comment on them as we go, hopefully after a bit we'll have a good idea of perk distribution and everything else for your build. :) I'm sure others will add comments as well.

Here are some skills you may be interested in leveling, you can just reply back with your intentions for each.

    [*]Lockpicking - general thief skill.
    [*]Pickpocket - general thief skill.
    [*]Heavy/Light Armor? - One is inevitable. Since you'll likely be able to max the armor rating on all sets eventually which you choose will largely be up to what you think looks better.
    [*]Enchanting - This is easily the most powerful skill in the game, and will allow you to enchant your armor/weapons to customize them to your build. However, I'm not sure if investing heavily into it breaks the role-playing aspect of having a thief/assassin in your mind.
    [*]Smithing - Useful if you want the better armor earlier or want to improve them as much as possible. Same role-playing caveat as Enchanting.
    [*]Archery - Like you stated, you'll want to max this.
    [/list]As far as point distribution, it really depends on whether or not you want to use magic often. If you're never going to use Destruction, you may be better off not putting any points into it and just dumping them all in stamina/health. If you max enchanting, you can always enchant 1 set of armor to get 0 spell cost in two schools of magic anyway, but that will take awhile and will hinder your magic use in the beginning (again, if you intend to use it).


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So in the beginning, I'm thinking 150 magicka (for stoneform at least), then twice the points into stam as I would life?...or no? Oh and I really appreciated your input Traaginen, as far as rp-don't really care. However, I want to have thief/assassin methods, coupled with Huntard bow range, and a nice 2h for upclose & personal rather than a dagger. Because of this I'm at a crossroads...dagger + backstab, or 2h and maybe some type of spellcraft? Either way, I plan on rolling several versions of this toon, I just was hoping for some kind of point ratio for the 3 attributes (magicka, life, stam) rather than dumping all into 1 single one for 3 different characters.



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If you're going to use mstly 2h then you could use the perks for one handed in other things. It's really up to you which you choose, go 2h if you're going to try to be in more open combat. If you like the sneaky/stealth/backstab aspect of the game you may want to consider 1h/dagger.As far as health and stamina, I personally feel like health is a given and every build should put at decent amount into it. With that said, I've never done an archery build or one like this so stamina will be more important. Early on you'll probably want to put a bit extra into stamina like you said. When you get to higher levels you can always buff one with enchanting.

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