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why vampires hate in skyrim?and what can i do for this hate?

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why vampires hate in skyrim?and what can i do for this hate?


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Well I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but NPC's will all be hostile towards vampires after you become a stage 4 vampire. To change this, you need to feed on a sleeping NPC, which will revert you to stage 1. From stage 1 you will be able to talk to people again, and thus begin Falion's quest, which permanently cures vampirism.For more detailed instructions, you should read our Guide on Vampirism. Everything that I mentioned there is covered in detail there.If that's not what you meant, you can reply to this message and clarify your question. :)______You should consider creating an account here. It comes with several benefits, and also makes it much easier for you to post questions and answers. It's completely free!

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