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Trouble with Alduin's Wall Quest

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I'm trying to finish the Alduin's Wall quest. I've gotten to the Sky Haven Temple, and Esbern follows me in and starts the dialog about the wall. He moves to the corner, but then just get's stuck. He doesn't move the dialog along even after I've chosen the two dialog possibilities. Delphine hasn't moved from the entrance to Karthspire. Does she have to be there for the dialog to continue? Any help would be great. Thanks.


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Hm, yeah, I don't know of any sure-fire fix for that. Have you tried leaving the area, fast traveling, and then coming back? If the general bug fix attemtps like that all fail you may just have to reload a previous save. UESP and the TES Wiki both have some bug fixes that you may want to glance over to see if any match your situation.What console do you play on? One thing with the quest that is common is Esbern's voice dialogue disappearing (it's a problem with the voice file; he's still technically speaking though you can't hear it). You could try waiting a bit and seeing if anything happens when his inaudible speech (if that's the issue) is over.

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