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Libertation of skyrim galmar isnt there

Guest Chad


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Yeah, that's a known bug and we've had people ask questions about it before. Unfortunately looking over these bug notes there doesn't appear to be a known 100% fix for your situation. I'll post the quote below where I think you are:


Another way the quest can bug is that when you first accept the freelance missions after taking Whiterun, Galmar seems to cease to exist. He leaves Windhelm for the camp near Falkreath and is no longer in the Palace of Kings, but when you travel to the Falkreath Stormcloak Camp only the default commander is there and the quest tracking icon is centered a few feet off the ground in the middle of camp. Obviously without Galmar there you can't report in to him. Still looking for a fix on this one. (PS3 & Xbox 360)


You should read over the rest of those notes in case you're at a different spot in the mission. You could also try some of the fixes mentioned there for other parts of the quest - they may work, they may not.Let us know if you have more details or information to add. Or if you figure it out, tell us so we can help others. We're open to try more things if you reply back. :)

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I had the same problem. After I took whiterun, galmar told me to go to the hidden camp. When I got there, just the quest marker was there, no galmar. I tried EVERYTHING! Finally out of sheer frustration I decided to rescue the prisoners by myself. I found the underwater prison entrance and went in, only to find the cells empty. After killing everyone inside, I fast traveled back to the camp, and lo and behold, galmar in the tent. Had to pull up dialogue a few times for the reporting option to appear, though

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