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Premium Member Subscriptions Available


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We've released our new subscription option! A subscription allows you to become a Premium Member, which is associated with the following benefits...

Subscription Benefits

    [*]New forum rank and icon (see store or board index for image).

    [*]Ability to customize profile background.

    [*]Increased upload and download limits.

    [*]Access to private and exclusive forums. (coming soon)

    [*]5 display name changes every 30 days (opposed to 2).

    [*]Ability to open, close, and delete your own topics; also able to delete your own posts.

    [*]Ability to store 200 personal messages (opposed to 50) and to include attachments with them.

    [*]Ability to give up to 5 negative reputation points per day (opposed to 1), and 15 positive reputation points (opposed to 10).

    [*]Ability to see who gave forum reputation.

    [*]The satisfaction of helping keep us operational! :D

The length of subscriptions are divided into the following groups:

    [*]1 Month - $2.49 ($2.49 per Month)

    [*]3 Months - $5.99 ($1.99 per Month)

    [*]6 Months - $8.99 ($1.49 per Month)

    [*]1 Year - $14.99 ($1.25 perMonth)

You can view and purchase subscriptions by visiting our store. Please note that purchasing a subscription is completely optional, and all funds go towards helping to pay for our hosting. You can also donate if you wish to help out!

PS: I'm completely open to changing the pricing tiers - this is just what has been used in the past.

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