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help needed in the quest "the fallen " cant call the dragon

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this is the second run through i have done and can't get the dragon to come out. fist time I reached level 48 ,I had the shout and the Jarls' help went to the great porch in Whiterun but nothing happened, tried this many times even went back a few saves to try again and nothing. So I wiped all the saves and started again I.m now level 57 have the shout and the Jarl's help but still can't call the dragon. Any advice please as I don't know what to do know. The game is on the xbox 360. Don't know if it's a glitch on my game or what.

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Alright, so I'm assuming you're standing on the porch, use the "Call Dragon" shout, and the dragon doesn't come at all? Or does he come and just circle?

Few things that instantly come to mind:

    [*]You need to hold down the shout button longer than normal to complete the whole "Call Dragon" shout.
    [*]Do you have the most recent patch installed? v1.5

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