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Skyrim Lags on PS3 - 12MB File

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LiL Bum

LiL Bum
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Hi, i am currently level 41 on skyrim and recently i have noticed that when opening chests or searching people its is taking 20 secs.
I have rebuit my hardrive but it hsnt changed and i have turned all auto saves off but still taking a long time, if not longer !
So please give me some suggestions to stop this irritating thing


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The game is known to get laggy, especially in areas where you've dumped or moved a lot of items around since the game has to store that information in memory. Here are a few suggestions, though there's no guaruntee that there will be a major impact...

    [*]As you've done, turn off the autosave feature.
    [*]Clear out the unnecessary Skyrim save files that may have accumulated.

      [*]You're obviously going to want to keep enough so that you have a practical back-up in case one of your quests bugs out, though.
      [/list][*]Clear some space on your hard drive by deleting old game data you won't use anymore. I'm not sure if this is what you meant by "rebuilt."
      [*]Make sure that your game has been updated to the most recent version. As of 4/21, this is v1.5
      [/list]If the issue is the result of excessive amounts of items, those types of things should reset after 30 in-game days or so.

      You can also delete your game data and patch data and reinstall them. This MAY fix some problems. Navigate to the "Game Data Utility" folder and delete "Skyrim" and the "Skyrim Update" files. Note that this is NOT deleting the same thing as your game saves; your saves are in the "Saved Data Utility" folder.

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