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Vampire Cure

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How do I go back to normal after being a vampire?


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We have a pretty in-depth guide HERE you can refer to if you want more information, but I'll provide a brief summary.It really depends on what stage of a vampire you are. For most stages, you just need to find Falion in Morthal and complete a quest for him. However, if you're stage 4, everyone will try to attack you, including Falion. At this point, you need to drink the blood of a sleeping NPC to revert back to stage 1. At stage 1, you can resume Falion's quest normally.If you have any additional questions feel free to respond using the form at the bottom of this page. :)



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What Traaginen said. Talk to bartenders until you hear about a man named Falion in Morthal who studies monsters. If you visit him, he says he can cure you with a Filled Black Soul Gem. He sells an empty one to you if you don't have one. When you give the gem to him, he tells you to meet him at dawn in a ritual circle outside the city. He will perform a ritual and cleanse you.Personally, though, I would just learn to handle being a vampire. Its perks are pretty sweet, if you can handle the disadvantages. The werewolf, on the other hand, doesn't give you much of a disadvantage (who sleeps?) but doesn't give you many perks, either.


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Becoming a werewolf is the best way…

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