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Trinity Restored (Karliah bug NOT ANSWERED ANYWHERE)

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Ember Quill

Ember Quill
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Disable the bars in console and input setstage TG08A 52  


This is what finally worked for me.  Using placeatme as suggested above didn't work, as I couldn't talk to her and she would just start walking away again.


I'm tempted to blame the "Amazing Follower Tweaks" mod, as I believe that's the only follower mod I'm using at the moment and this didn't happen the last time I did this questline when I was still using UFO.


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Worked right away when I stood by the chain and typed 


Prid 00058F1A

moveto player


then exited the console.




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I tried all the moveto tricks and had no luck.  I am using AFT as well, so that may be the culprit.


What I did to fix it was pretty simple though.  Went back to a save before she talks to Brynjolf, while she was talking to him I stood behind her like I was following her into the tunnel.  I kept clicking her and getting the "Busy" message, but as soon as she was available I talked to her, and answered yes.  She turned around and headed for the chain and I was able to complete the quest just fine.


I think her pathing expects to leave the spot where she has the conversation with Brynolf, if she moves to talk to you after that she ends up walking back to Riften instead, at least that is my best guess.  If no other fixes work try this before pushing the quest forward.


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in order to compleate this quest press [`] next to the number 1 and then type in [setstage TG08A 55] note do not use the letter o use zero.
Correct Answer


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Hello, I've been having a problem where Karliah just stands at the entrance and when I tried to get her to move nothing worked, not even the console comands.

Someone please help.

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