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Xbox360 Saarthal Nerein Bug



Having a problem in Saarthal in the room with Toldir and Nerein the ghost. Nerein is supposed to give me a warning, BUT all he does is appear and stand there. I have tried talking to him, but it keeps saying "This person is busy." Been standing for 15 min and nothing happens. I have reloaded to a past save three times and it keeps happening.Any ideas?

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Hm. Have you tried going on with the quest anyways? Perhaps he just lost his voice and is being registered as going through the dialogue anyways. If that's the case, you can try talking with Tolfdir and seeing if he advances the quest.This is right after you cast a spell on the amulet/wall, correct? I read one thread where a player casted "Fury" instead of a damage/destruction spell at the wall, and that solved his issue. Perhaps you could try that? Cast a non-hostile spell.Per the wiki: you can also fix this by quickly running in and then out of the room. Once the spirit appears, walk back out into Skyrim. This will allow the quest to continue.______You should consider creating an account here. It comes with several benefits, and also makes it much easier for you to post questions and answers. It's completely free!

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