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Ebony vs. Orcish Armor

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I am at level 92 for heavy armor skill and level 83 for smithing. I just crafted a set of ebony armor (all pieces: armor, helmet, boots, and gauntlets) and improved it up to legendary. However, this legendary ebony suit still has a lower rating than my legendary orcish set. Why is this? base ebony stats are higher than orcish, so why is my orcish armor rated higher than ebony?


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I know at least in the case of Dragon Plate vs. Daedric, the Dragon armor has higher stats after upgrading to legendary when compared to Daedric. Ebony/Orcish may have the same situation going on; I'm not sure.Some people also claim that Ebony doesn't get the Matching Set bonus because of a bug - so if you have all of the pieces of that set equipped, it won't increase (opposed to Orcish, which will still get the bonus). You can test this by looking at the armor rating of each piece individually and comparing them to the orcish pieces. If the ebony stats are all high individually, but still lower when they're all equipped, that's the problem.


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Same here don't have a clue.

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