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What alliance (im a newb)?

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Ok so i just got Skyrim and I also have played some fallout but i choose to become a barbarian/warrior but i cant find any alliances for people like that. If there is a location of an alliance like that then I would appreciate to know! I'm also an Orc if that helps THANKS !


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You're probably looking for the fighter's guild, which is known as the "Companions" in Skyrim. You can find them in Whiterun, specifically in the tavern Jorrvaskr.You can also join the Thieves Guild (Riften), Dark Brotherhood, and Mages Guild (College of Winterhold). Let us know if you have any more questions!______You should consider creating an account here. It comes with several benefits, and also makes it much easier for you to post questions and answers. It's completely free!

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