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the FML moments of TJ (getpkerslapd)

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okay, to sum things up my name is TJ, you know me in game as getpkerslapd, and I have the 100% most terrible luck in the world... I am so unlucky that I won't even be lucky enough to get lung cancer even though i aam so devoted to it I will go outside to smoke in 30 degree weather wearing shorts and crocs... I am so unlucky that when dicing I roll a .5... hell I am so unlucky that I couldn't even get lucky with Brad (no homo)...So, I have decided to start posting daily the bullshit things that don't happen to most people, I figure this will give clan members something to laugh about, and most likely end up in unrelenting torment of me and cc, but it's all goodto start things off, last night: unlucky #1 of the day, after buying a new battery for my truck it died again the next day, and #2 I got called in to come an hour early so my manager could get some stuff done she needed done that day, then #3 my coworker didnt show up at all, leaving me to work the entire dinner rush myself, 56 sandiwches in 3 hours, by one person? like a boss (I work at subway as an assistant manager btw). at close I had to lock up the front door with the gas station we rent our store out from because #4 I was going to be there significantly later thann they were, so after taking the key back over cleaning the store up to look beautiful, stealing a few cookies I set the alarm and went to leave out the back door when #5 an alarm sounded, so I went back inside called the owner and waited for the police to show up... after about 30 seconds of being inside #6 another alarm sounded then the police called my store to find out what was wrong... I found out later #7 that the first alarm had been the gas station next to me, the employee working there was training a new guy after close and had set his alarm, forgot about it, and tried to go back inside.. so the alarm I originally heard was a safety alarm in our store to alert us if somehting is happenign next door to hide... meaning that #8 I could have left after the first alarm went off and everything on my side would have been perfectly fine. ... that was a good nightToday: I had to walk to work again, seeing I was scheduled to open and got home around 1am last night, I was unable to take my truck to a mechanic to get him to check it out, so after working my day shift I left at 3pm only to discover my keys had been left inside, considering I didn't grab them because I dont have my truck atm... didnt tihnk about it, and my phone was dead because I listen to music on it while im at work. so I was locked outside for 3 hours until my roommate and hsi girlfriend got home from the mall/movies to be able to get in, so I was sleeping on a lawn chair on our porch with neighbors probably wondering why the subway guy is passed out on a lawn chair. (we live in a townhouse, which is like kinda like fancy 1 story apartments, but only 2 are connected with a 10 foot or sp space and the another 2 connected) ... that is my adventure up until I posted this... lets see what else can go wrong today <3


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holy shit this is exciting... think i just wet myself and i havent wet myself since Harry Potter killed Voldemort...oh and you never asked me out for a candle lit dinner... no homo



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Haha, funny times. ;) So, is that your average day?

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