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I can't see fire or FX

Guest Fresys


Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased skyrim for pc, and well I am not that great with technical stuff. And well I can't see fire, or any FX for that matter. When I use Flames, or even shout I can't see nothing. I really need help because I want to see this beautiful game the way it is suppose to be. Please note that those aren't the only things I can't see, When I fight a dragon it is like they are just fighting with air. And all that good stuff. So if anyone can please help I would be greatful. -Fresys

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Before anything else let me just say that I'm not a PC gamer, therefore not terribly experienced with the issues surrounding Skyrim on the PC.

Before trying anything there are few things you should be sure to check:

    [*]Make sure all of the drivers for your video/graphics card are updated. I believe this can be checked through Steam by opening Steam -> Click on the "Steam" button in the top left -> Check For Video Driver Updates.

    [*]Make sure your computer meets the requirements to run Skyrim - http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/intro.aspx

A quick search of others with similar problems pointed me to this unnofficial patch which many have said fixed their fire issues (and others). Here's another - again, unofficial - patch that does the same thing. You might want to research and look into these if updating your drivers doesn't fix the issue. Understand though that as an unofficial patch by downloading and installing it no one but you can be held responsible for what may happen to your game/PC. Just a disclaimer; most of the Skyrim 3rd party dev community is good.


You should also consider creating an account here; it comes with several benefits and will also make it easier to post questions and answers. It's completely free. :)

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