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Why Should I Create an Account?

Because of all the great perks you'll miss out on otherwise, duh!
  • Individualized Profiles

    Create and maintain your own custom member profile and page! Request friends, comment on other members' profiles, and organize your content.

  • Involvement and Participation

    Communicate with other players by starting your own discussions, and by replying to those created by others! Have a question? Ask it!

  • Free Blog Hosting

    Members are able to host their own personal blogs with us for free! You'll have the ability to customize your blog's theme, add widgets and blocks, and choose your own settings. Of course, all of this comes with a built in readership base that all but guarantees you plenty of blog hits!

  • Content Tracking

    Tired of trying to find what articles and threads have been updated with new replies? Don't worry! With an account, you'll be able to follow and track whatever content you want. Learn of updates through push, email, and in-line notifications.

  • Advertisement Removal

    Users who are logged in don't have to view any advertisements. Yes, you heard me right - none at all!

  • Exclusive Access

    You may not realize it right now, but you don't even have access to a large portion of our site! Only members are able to access downloads, our chat room, certain forums, and many other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's be honest, people come up with a lot of questions. Our FAQ covers those that are, well, frequently asked. For all others, don't be shy - contact us!
  • Does it cost anything?

    Nope, having an account is free - and it always will be!

  • Why do I need an account for all of these awesome perks?

    An account is your tie-in to our site and community. Many of the above perks wouldn't be possible if people didn't have their own way of keeping track of content and personal settings.

  • If I change my mind, can I delete my account later?

    You can contact our staff and request that your account be deactivated. You won't want to, though. We promise.

  • Meh, I just want to browse anonymously.

    What if I told you that you can... With an account! Mind blowing, I know. Every time members log in, they have the option to "Browse Anonymously"; this prevents their display name and account from appearing on online lists. If that's still not your thing, don't worry; we still appreciate regular visitors that choose not to sign-up!

  • Okay, okay. You got me. How do I sign up?

    Wait, wha-... I mean, yes, of course! *shudders with excitement* This is my favorite part! All you have to do now is create an account by following the link below! Alternatively, you can register using your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Steam account.

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