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Tiara 1



Tiara 1

You can delete it if you feel it's inappropriate. I drew it the other day whilst bored.

    All new 2-wave stylized artwork original by Musclemagic. Will sell prints for $10,000 each in an 800x600 pixel format on 8"x11" paper.... or, I guess I give you permission to whatever you want to do with the image yourselves, HAHA! :)

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    ps- This is an accurate ratio of bust:waist:hip ratios on my girlfriend.

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    I think your girlfriend is starving. Or maybe already dead.

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    She gets her weekly cheese sandwich. Other than that I have a dog feeder full of peanuts for her, so she's fine. She's never complained..well..she did once... she hasn't said anything since then. 


    I'll upload a better picture of her when I'm on my laptop:

    (Edit: Deleted that picture because it shows too much cooter. I'll upload different one later.)

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    This may be a bit premature, but when did elder scrolls turn into a porn website, because it sucks that I missed that conversion.

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