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The Elder Scrolls Online: Frequently Asked Questions

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What does ESO stand for?

ESO is the abbreviation of The Elder Scrolls Online, which is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Can I play ESO offline?

No, you must always be connected to the internet when playing ESO. This also means you will always be in the world with other online players. However, there is a great deal of solo content available should you prefer to quest by yourself.

Is Bethesda developing ESO?

No, Bethesda -- the developer of single-player TES games such as Skyrim -- is not developing ESO. Zenimax Online Studios is in charge of the project.


When is the release date?

ESO will be available to PC and Mac players on April 4th, 2014. The consoles will receive ESO sometime in June 2014, though an exact date has yet to be announced.

What systems and/or consoles will ESO be available on?

ESO will be available on the PC (Windows), Mac (iOS), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What are the system requirements for the PC and Mac?

The specifications for ESO have yet to be announced.

How much will ESO cost? Is there a subscription?

There has not yet been a payment model announced for ESO.


Will there be voice acting?

All NPCs in the game are fully voice acted.

Will there be player trading?

There will be locations where players can sell items to each other. It is likely (though not confirmed) that trading will be restricted by factions.

Will there be player-owned housing?

Player-owned houses will not be in the game at launch.

Is the economy dynamic?

Merchants have an unlimited supply of goods at a fixed price. There is no bartering system as prices are static.

Will there be a first or third person camera?

There are camera modes for both first and third person.


Will there be a lockpicking minigame?

Yes, and every character can participate in this minigame to some degree. Locks have varying degrees of difficulty levels, some of which will require sufficient levels to open. Each lock-picking attempt requires at least one lockpick; lockpicks can be broken if used unsuccessfully.

Will there be a speech component?

Yes. It can be used to skip some quest obstacles by offering alternative means to complete quest objectives.

Can I pickpocket players and NPCs?

Unfortunately there is no pick-pocketing mechanic in ESO. The developers felt that many players wouldn't appreciate being stolen from!


Will there be dragons?

According to developer interviews dragons are not going to be part of the game at this stage.

Can you become a vampire or werewolf?

Yes, it will be possible to transform into a vampire or werewolf. While transformed, the player's usual hotbar will be replaced with abilities specific to their current form. These abilities will come from a Vampire/Werewolf specific skill line.

Will I be able to fight other players?

Yes. The province of Cyrodiil will heavily feature player vs. player (PvP) combat. Combat will consist of fighting between both individuals and factions.


Can I customize my character's appearance?

During character creation, players can choose a first and last name for their character. They can further customize their character with sliders representing various colors and options, including general appearance, age, body type, and build. There is no height adjustment as this is determined by your race.

Can you play as the Imperials?

No, the Imperials are an NPC-only race that controls the province of Cyrodiil. For information on playable races, please see Races.


Can I play with my friends who are using a different console/system?

PC and Mac players will play together. PlayStation 4 users will only play with other PS4 users, just as those using the Xbox One will only be able to play with others using the Xbox One.

Will I be able to join multiple guilds?

Yes. Paul Sage has also confirmed that there will be cross-faction guilds.
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